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In my recent post I mentioned an interesting sentence about the Native Americans, made by David Stannard, a sentence which is - from my point of view - a very important factor for the understanding of the so-called "WHITE" Caucasian History ... and that's only the tip of the iceberg ...


David E. Stanndard is Prof. of American Studies, at the Univ. of Hawaii. He is a distinguished historian, author, and expert speaker on the subject of the Native American/American Indians and the role they played in the history of the world.

Here is another excerpt of an interview he gave in San Francisco on March 12, 2000:

"By the turn of the Twentieth Century, I think 1910 by official US Census Bureau statistics, there's something like 250,000 Indians and that's all!
From a number that could have been ten million or twelve million· nobody knows. But in any case it's in the ninety percentile of destruction.

Whereas the Spanish wanted to exploit the Natives, that is use them up like draft horses or other animals... and then dispose of them because there were so many,
the British had no use for the Indians! None at all...
All they wanted was the land. [So even] as destructive and horrible as the Spanish were, the British were more nakedly genocidal.
They just wanted to kill. They just wanted to clear the land and the Indians were part of the land. Just as the trees were. Just as the bushes were. Just as the animals were.
Clear it! Wipe them out!

David Stannard's books include:

* Death in America
* Shrinking History
* Puritan Way of Death
* Before the Horror
* American Holocaust.

Here is a link to one of Stannard's books:


Blogger Trudging said...

My husband is decended from Puritans. Not exactly people you would invite to a party.

12:08 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Trudging:
I wouldn't have any problems to invite him, but I guess he wouldn't come!
:-) Would you come alone, without him? :-)I would be pleased to welcome you! :-)

1:02 vorm.  
Blogger RIC said...

My dear Hans! First of all, thank you very much for your concern about my blog! The truth is I called it upon myself due to my some times rather stupid curiosity... I'll email you about it later. And also about other subjects that have been going around in my mind since I read about your granddaughter...

Thank you for that link! I'll look into it as soon as I can. I've been looking for a book written by an American Indian a few years ago, but as I moved recently I'm still finding books I didn't remember any longer I had... But I'll find it for sure!
Recht liebe Grüsse!

2:55 vorm.  
Blogger Jacky said...

Yes Castor, it is one of the parts of history that is seldom talked about.

And to this day Native Indians are shunned from our society.

It is a disgrace, and my people were the ones who did it.

There is a famous song that says "There is bad everywhere"

I believe that this is probably true.

3:05 vorm.  
Blogger Will said...

I was going to say that it's our Great National Disgrace, but it seems we have a couple of those under our belt.

Bad enough it happened AT ALL, it's still going on. The conditions on Indian Reservations are not good in many, many cases. Alcoholism and suicide are common. Rights are denied and employment opportunities can be very scarce. It's not a pretty picture and it's not likely to improve soon given the direction of our foreign and domestic policies lately.

6:51 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Ric:
A Yiddish proverb says: "A man should live if only to satisfy his curiosity. " :-)
Fine that you are back again!

11:43 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
No, Jacky, it's not only a disgrace for "your people" ... it's a disgrace for all the "Christian" Caucasians ...

11:51 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
You are right, Will, but, as I told already to Jacky, it's a disgrace for all those who believe to be Christians and act in opposition to the teachings of the Jewish Jesus, as they are:

"Jesus told them to be peacemakers; they would be called the children of God.
He told them to love their enemies, and to do good to people who hated them. They were to pray for people who mistreated them.
He said they were to be like salt, like a city on a hill and like a light that would light the way for others. His followers were to be a good influence on others and try to get other people to do the right thing.
He wanted people to share with others out of love for them.
"Do not judge others", he told them. "And don't worry about things. God will take care of you."

That's it! The disgrace is the hypocrisy of the so-called Christians ...

12:06 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Yes, Hans. Yes, yes and yes again. Why can people not see the blatant hypocracy and hat-mongering of the fundamentalist Christian movement?

1:02 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

That was supposed to be HATE-mongering. I'm not sure fundamentalists are into millinery.

1:03 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
The evil is an own power, nobody is immune towards it, also not the millinery ... It's terrible!

2:51 nachm.  

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