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Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

too often mankind reverts to its primitive self and to the tribalistic principles it has held for thousands of years. still mankind clings to its teritorial markinks. like dogs pissings against a tree to denote which bit of land is theirs.
so sad to see the brilliance of mankind reduced to such hateful warmonging and brutallity.
israel and lebanon need to stop fighting and start talking.

1:17 nachm.  
Blogger Manic Street Preacher said...

i cud forgive myself for bein ignorant.
but never to hide behind civilisation.
this, this thing on ur post has been goin on for years.
sinister, sinister.


7:09 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to C.J. and to M.S.P.:

I am convinced, there is another plan behind this war, as far as one of my Israeli friends who is a member of Gush Shalom told me ... And that's devilish!

11:50 nachm.  
Blogger RIC said...

I'm trying for a while to begin writing this text, but I feel completely empty, drained out, after what I've been watching everyday on TV, reading in the papers, watching now the photos you posted...
That devilish people ARE at work is no news to me since long before, unfortunately. What they're up to I just can't imagine. Or maybe I DON'T want to imagine. Not that I feel somehow better this way; I'm only not good at all at predicting horror scenarios. Enough is enough.

(Welcome back, Castor!)

12:50 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Ric:
You are right, Ricardo! Enough is enough!

7:42 vorm.  

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