Samstag, Juni 17, 2006


The cute horses of the world-famous "Spanish riding school in Vienna" will be evacuated to a safe spot when Double U will be here in our metropolis!!!
Why??? :
Just click here and see and hear what Laura says: :-)


Blogger Sue hardy-Dawson said...

My speeaker's out boo hoo, technollogy spits on me yet again, how are you feeling now, better I hope?

4:39 nachm.  
Blogger Sujay Sukumar said...

Hello Castor.

I'm very sorry I couldnt wish u well while u underwent cataract surgery. I hope everything's alright now.

Its nice to know that you were called eagle-eyes. Very true indeed...your keen sense of observation is reflected in your paintings.

Lucky horses, being evacuated...are the female horses being evacuated too ;) ???

4:19 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sue Hardy-Dawson:
Thanks Sue! I still have to take care of my eyes, I can start drawing, painting in 14 days !
I hope your speakers will be OK soon, for Laura's monologue is too funny!

In regard to Laura: St. Stephen’s Cathedral of Vienna will be closed for the believers, because Laura wants to visit it and nobody knows if one of the believers can also be a terrorist!!!

7:23 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sujay Sukumar:
Thanks Sujay for your nice thoughts!

Yes, also the female horses have been evacuated! Also the famous Viennese cabs don't work on these 2 days :-)

7:33 vorm.  

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