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"Well, the Congress has ceded--which it cannot do--but it has ceded its power to declare war. That is written in the Constitution. It's the most important thing in the Constitution, ultimately. And having ceded that to the Executive Branch, he can declare war whenever he finds terrorism. Now, terrorism is a wonderful invention because it doesn't mean anything. It's an abstract noun. You can't have a war against an abstract noun; it's like having a war against dandruff. It's meaningless.

But you can terrify people. The art of government now, the art of control as practiced by the current junta, is: Keep the people frightened. It's exactly what Adolf Hitler and his gang did. Keep them frightened: The Russians are coming. The Poles are killing Germans who live within the borders of Poland. The Czechs are doing the same thing in the Sudetenland. These are evil people. We must go after them. We must save our kin.

Keep everybody frightened, tell them lies--and the bigger the lie, the more they'll believe it. There's nothing the average American now believes (because he's been told it 10,000 times a day) that is true. Now how do you undo so much disinformation? Well, you have to have truth squads at work 24 hours a day every day. And we don't have them."
(Gore Vidal)


Blogger Sujay Sukumar said...

The theory of the government functioning by scaring its citizens was very well depicted in the Movie 'V for Vendetta'.
Keep them on their toes and offer promises of better tomorrow.

Bush's interest in Iraq was never it's WMD, there were none, just like Hans Blix continued to say...America decided to go to war even before the the final report to Security Council.

Bush's interest in Iraq was never to liberate Iraq. Ending the rule of a tyrant and delivering the country into the hands of a thousand tyrannical looters , and caring less about the infiltrating terrorists isnt liberation.

Bush's interest was oil. Now when I say that it doesnt mean america goes to Iraq and drains every drop of oil; No thats not what it means. What it means is:
Iraq once traded Oil in Euros and it's Oil tie-ups were more europe leaning. The Euro was rising steadily against the dollar. After the war, Iraq all of a sudden trades oil in dollars and now companies like Haliburton have a large prsence there.

And to acheive this, young american soldiers, little iraqi children , a host of camels and tribal caravans and a very few bearded fanatics had to pay the ultimate price.

United States successfully tested MOAB (a high fusilage bomb) in Iraq. Double u is happy. Guess who's gonna clean up the mess? UN ofcourse!!!

3:40 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sujay Sukumar:
Thank you for your detailed and great comment!!!
The policy of Bush and his gang is and remains an unforgivable scandal and a shame for the occidental culture and a hotbad for any form of resistance!

8:22 nachm.  
Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

From all that I've read, The gang of thugs in DC desired to intimidate Saudi Arabia and China, as well as create an armed camp in Iraq with which to control the resources of the region. They have largely failed, while bringing the U.S. to the precipice of collapse.
Mussolini once stated that Fascism should more properly named corporatism, because it is the merger of state and corporate power. By yhis definition America isd the most fascist nation on earth. Bush is now openly scorned whereever he goes. I hope he receives the reception he deserves in Vienna.

6:41 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Daniel:
Thank you for your interesting information!

Naturally Bush didn't notice that he wasn't welcome by the Viennese population. "Our" administration arranged everything that he couldn't see the reality!
Far from it! He said: "I call him (our Federal Chancellor) Wolfgang and he calls me George W.!" And they hugged each other! :-)

10:31 vorm.  

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