Sonntag, Mai 14, 2006


There is a beautiful Gay-Bathing-Establishment in the center of Vienna, called Kaiserbründl with a very old history:

...The Kaiserbründl (formerly 'Centralbad') is generally regarded as the oldest and most distinguished bathing-establishment in Vienna. The unusually deep well of the building itself was already in use in Roman times for the small fortification at a bridge (proven through the discovery of coins dating back to the emperors Heliogabalus and Alexander Severus). This building structure, later known as 'Weihenpurgkh', formed part of a separate fortified small suburb outside Vienna until 1156...

I don't know if Gore Vidal has visited this establishment, during his sojourn in Vienna in 2004, but certainly he knew about it :-)

If you want to know more about the KAISERBRÜNDL , here is a link to the website of this gay-bath, with a lot of photographs and some informations about it (also in English):


Blogger Jacky said...

Looks like a fun place!

Perhaps we can go there some time!

6:25 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
:-)Wha not? I'll tale take along my sketchbook and my pencil :-)

8:53 nachm.  
Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

Nice looking bath house.
I see you,

1:35 nachm.  
Blogger Ryan said...

i would love 2 visit that place!

2:47 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

It's very Byzantine and exclusive :-)

4:57 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Ryan:
But not without Mikey :-)!!!!

4:58 nachm.  
Blogger SJ said...

Did anyone notice the nice architecture? I guess not :)

9:43 nachm.  
Blogger dAAve said...


3:02 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sj:
:-) I think the sexual driver is stronger than the aestheticism :-) That's it :-)

6:44 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Daave:
Something for you due to your new profile photo :-)

6:47 vorm.  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

what beautifuly sculptured columns!

8:41 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Cocaine Jesus:
Only the best should be enough for the emperor Heliogabal :-):-) :-)

9:15 vorm.  
Blogger Federico Perazzoni said...


Very very nice photo....

10:24 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Federico Perazzoni:
Ti ringrazio del tuo primo commento Federico:-)! Ora vado a vedere il tuo blog :-)

12:11 nachm.  
Blogger Sandouri Dean Bey said...

es ist eine schöne Badeanstalt. ich möchte gehen!

6:17 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Sandouri Dean:
Sag, wieviele Sprachen sprichst du eigentlich, Dean??? :-)Wenn du in das "Kaiserbründl" gehst, dann wirt du sicher für viel Aufregung Sorgen :-)

11:01 vorm.  

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