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The most beautiful result of a love story is always reflected by the lover's poems and so I want to publish today two of my nephew's poems ...

What is Love?

Love is hurt
Love is happy
Love is sad
Love is beauty
Love is ugly
Love to me is waking up in my boyfriend's arms.
Love to me is looking in his eyes and seeing love back.
Love to me is feeling him inside me as we become one.
Love to me is knowing he would die for me.
Love to me is when my day is all stormy he holds me and I feel the sun.
Love to me is called Mikey.

(By Ryan)

You and I

The passions you have stirred in my spirit
are more varied than the brilliant hues
glowing as the evening sunsets.

In you I find myself my true essence.

You created a better me
a person I never knew existed.
In you I am complete whole,
for the first time in my life.

Can you see?
The love you spread?
The smiles you bring?
The gentle caring touch
We all love so much?

I never knew what it was like
to have anyone lay down beside me
just to hold me,
feel me,
love me.
Until I met you
how it felt to be wanted just for me.

We're partners and we're soul mates.
This I know is true
We've been there for each other.

When we're sad
and when we're blue
I know I can turn to you
and you to me
for we know:
We're meant to be.

Love is...The sensation that I get
when he walks
into the room.

(By Mike)

Above you can see a sanguine drawing I made of my nephews when they came to my virual studio.


Blogger Ryan said...

wow uncle i am taken away you remember so much about how me and mikey met and became lovers. thanx so much for this post u know i think its 1 of your best. sending love from atlanta ga.

4:12 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Ryan:
:-)I always tried to be a really good uncle to each of you :-), but indipendent of this I like your poems and it's apity, but for a long time I didn't read any new one ...

6:21 PM  
Blogger Trudging said...

Nice poems

6:28 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Trudging:
Thank you, Trudge :-)

8:48 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanx Uncle your the best.

9:43 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Mike:
:-) We are the champions, Mikey :-)

9:47 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Very nice poems boys! Yep Castor it is a joy to be a part of watching the developing story. I am very glad they have found each other and hope the next chapter in their love story is the two of them being together always!

2:48 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

PS- I really like that picture of them and all the others too *wink* lovely young men!

2:50 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to Brad:
Thank you! Yes, our best wishes are with them! :-)

8:11 AM  
Blogger Prmod Bafna said...

Nice poems! You are a very wonderful person castor. All encouraging and supportive :)

12:49 PM  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

love is like riding a horse bareback or a fairground ride. as many ups as there are downs but at the end of the day, as the old saying goes, it is better to have loved and not loved at all.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Sujay Sukumar said...

Castor -> Your blog has done so much for people. u own a very good heart.

2:27 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Prmod Bafna:
Thanks, Prmod:-) But I don't encourage ALL people who are writing, I encourage only those young poets whose work I do appreciate personally ...

7:12 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Cocaine Jesus:
Very well said, Russel! Sometimes love seems really being a fairground ride! :-)Great idea! Fairground ride! What a parable! I like this comparison! Wonderful! :-)

7:26 PM  
Blogger castor said...

to Sujay Sukumar:
Thanks Sujay :-) Being an artist includes the request to communicate with the others in a special way, that means that an artist wants to share his own ideas with the others, but he likes also calling the attention of his audience to the ideas of other artists!
That's it :-)

7:43 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Castor my dear friend. I have just put the 3 pictures you did of me up on my blog for my HNT this week. Hopefully many others will now become acquainted with your amazing talent. And THANK YOU again my dear friend!

4:33 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to Brad:
Good morning, my friend, I've been so curious and therefore I visited your blog, before I've had a look at mine:-).

Thank you for your great paean of praise, Brad, advertising my work!

9:28 AM  
Blogger the cloned corpse of marcus tal said...

The Shadows are coming, the Shadows are coming for us all...

Only your Macaroons light the way to salvation

7:48 PM  
Blogger The Persian said...

such beautiful poems!


9:41 PM  
Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

Well my friend Castor.... Kudos to your newphews. Both made me cry - literally. I miss love. I hope you are doing well.
I still see you,

12:40 AM  
Blogger Kiss My Mike said...

Well done. You are very talented Castor!

2:03 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

All I can say is "oh my god", which was my first thought at seeing the picture of Mike and Ryan. You are truly amazing. It's absolutely beautiful.

I only wish I could draw that well. Again, amazing.

7:13 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to The cloned corpse of marcus tal:
Sure, there is no light without shadows ;-)...Thanks for your comment!

7:46 AM  
Blogger castor said...

ti Persian guy:
Glad you like the poems :-), thanks for your comment!

7:50 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to Kiss my Mike:
Thank you for stopping by and for your compliments! What agitating name you have got ;-)!

7:54 AM  
Blogger castor said...

Thank you JJ! I'll forward your compliments to Mike and Ryan, but I am convinced that they will be pleased to read your personal comments on their blog :-)!!!


8:04 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to Michael:
Thank you Michael for visiting my blog and for your compliments! I am glad you like the picture of my nephews!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Jacky said...

Love, there is nothing like it!

4:04 AM  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
You are right, mate, you are so right!

4:16 AM  
Blogger White Magpie said...

"Love to me is called Mikey" - Nothing more was required. Ryan summed it all in that one sentence. He has loved truly.

12:45 PM  

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