Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006


Time flies and we are flying with it, but each relationship which is harmonious ab initio. endures ...

The first sketch I made from Bulkiah and myself was in front of a mirror because each one of us likes mirrors, for the mirror is magical and supports every performance and we wanted to capture our sensual encounter in some sketches ... Bulkiah was the director of the erotic scenes and I made the drawings :-)


Blogger Will said...

Lovely rhythm in the upward curve of the two right arms that unites the figures visually as well as soiritually. Hans, you never fail to amaze me by the economy and elegance with which you tell your stories on paper or canvas.

9:21 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
Thank you, Will! It's always a great pleasure for me to hear the appreciation of an artist himself like you are!
Did you ever see the drawingh I made from you and Fritz after our meeting in Vienna, because you never commented it???

11:30 vorm.  
Blogger Jacky said...

Lovely, as are both of you!

12:45 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Yes, Hans, I did and apologize if I failed to thank you for it. Fritz was delighted at your thoughtfulness as well.

I admire your drawing technique a great deal. All of my training was in technical drawing so that my designs can get built to exace specifications. Maybe when I retire I'll be able to explore figure drawing in depth and extend my range. Your work has the kind of loose and highly expressive line I would like to develop.

12:49 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
Thank you, Jacky,for your compliments, therefore we've been "models" for one of your stories too :-)!
When will you write a new one???

3:08 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
OK, then it's alright, Will :-)

I love drawing, for in the line of a drawing there is a primary expression of an idea, quite original and unshiftable, unremovovable ...

3:18 nachm.  
Blogger Pat said...

So nice for you to have an outlet for all that sensuality inside of you:)

I also appreciate your insights into the Nazis and was very surprised to understand the movement.

Remember when you first came to my other blog and met everyone? I'm so happy you hit the "next" button that day.

10:28 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Pat:
Yes, Pat, art in itself is sensual :-)!
Understanding the historical facts is always OK, but I hope you wouldn't become a member of that movement :-)

About our first virtual encounter I can tell you that it made me very happy to have met you, my friend!

8:45 vorm.  
Blogger Ryan said...

awesome as always uncle!

12:30 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Ryan:
Thanks, Ryan! I am so happy that you and Mike can be together this weekend! :-)
Uncle Castor

1:47 nachm.  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

sounds like a win win situation with both of you enjoying the game!

10:30 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Cocaine Jesus:
hahahahah, yes you are right indeed :-):-) we like playing ... all our games are so innocent and beautiful, mate! :-)

1:53 nachm.  

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