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Blogger Will said...

Ha! So THOSE were the two devils you spoke of in your comment to me Brilliant! Yes, be very afraid when they come to Vienna.

Last summer when Freitz and I were in Scandinavia before our boat trip, they appeared to us in Denmark and created huge security and traffic problems. Very dangerous devils indeed. :-)

8:05 nachm.  
Blogger sirreene said...

Devils ~ that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this photo.

10:28 nachm.  
Blogger ElovesU said...

Okay enough bashing on our president.

Yes he does ALOT of things that I hate, but he is the president he won the election (some how, im not sure how) and we have to belave in him and support him in everything he does.

He was voted in and so now we have to accept him.

Its okay to not like him, but we still have to support him or we (the usa) fail as a country


10:39 nachm.  
Blogger Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Did you know Leanardo didn't like to change his clothes and when he did the skin came away with his leggings. Also the reason there are so many cracks in the glaze on the Mona Lisa is because it used to be kept in the bathroom of a king. Sorry about the spelling have just got back from college and I'm very tired. How's the painting coming along?

12:23 vorm.  
Blogger dAAve said...

Castor, did you paint tht picture of the Bush's?

1:09 vorm.  
Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

Thought of you today in painting class when Salvador Dali came into the conversation.
I see you,

4:49 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
:-)These "poor devils" aren't as dangerous as the invisible devils behind them :-)! Sure, stupidity and ignorance paired with power is always dangerous, but this you can recognize very soon! However I'll shy away from visiting the center of Vienna at that time being annoyed at meeting kinda materialistic sleezebags :-)

8:03 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sirreene:
:-)Yes, stupid devils who think to be handsome :-)

8:06 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Elovesu:
YOUR president??? Sure, he's also the president of USA, elected (correctly?? ) by a certain majority :-), but he's the "emperor" of OUR Global Village too and so he should be responsible for peace on our now very fragile planet ...

8:18 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sue Hardy-Dawson:
The story about the cracks in the glaze of "Mona Lisa" I knew, but the unappetising anectode about his cleanliness which your teacher told you I didn't know ...but there is absolutely accurate the same anecdote about Beethoven's cleanliness :-)...

I think nobody should never believe in anything unchecked what teachers, superiors and leaders are telling around ... :-)

8:42 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Daave:
No, it's only a photograph :-)

8:44 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Nmamfqlmsh:
:-) Best wishes for your painting class!

I see you,


8:47 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sue Hardy-Dawson:
In regard to the painting ... Don't forget, please: Good things take time :-)

9:56 vorm.  
Blogger Trudging said...

Nothing says MARDI GRAS like George and Laura

10:11 nachm.  

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