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Leonardo da Vinci was born 26th. April, 1452, at Anchiano, near Vinci, Tuscany, Italy; died 2nd May, 1519, at Cloux, near Amboise, France.

He was one of the most famous artists of the Italian Renaissance, as well a musician, engineer, and scientist ... and he has always been rumored to be interested in boys: at age 24, still living in Florence, he was arrested for sodomy following an anonymous denunciation (for more about that and the attitude toward homosexuality in XVth and XVIth-century Florence, I recommend "Forbidden Friendships", the excellent book by Michael Rocke) :-)

About an artist and his work, Leonardo said: "The painter must be solitary ... For if you are alone you are completely yourself, but if you are accompanied by a single companion, you are half yourself."


Blogger Mike said...

hey Uncle the guy in the pic looks a lot like you.

9:44 nachm.  
Blogger ElovesU said...

sorry been busy, but im glad i stoped by i only hope i didnt miss much, love all the paintings uve been posting too, they reming me of the rock art show here in town

5:16 vorm.  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

he must have had huge problems living in those times and with the catholic churches odd views on homosexuallity!?

12:43 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Mike's right--he DOES resemble our Hnas.

He's tattooed on my back, combined with the "Oh, what a piece of work is a man!" speech from Shakespeare's "Hamlet." It was the strongest statement about my feelings toward the men in my life that I could think of at the time.

4:00 nachm.  
Blogger sirreene said...

Mike is right! Did you model for Leonardo?

4:05 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Mike:
:-) Yes, you are right, Mike, when I've seen him the first time in a book I was very surprised and I thought it's only my illusion ;-)

5:19 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Elovesu:
You`ve been busy and successful, Mr. President! Congrats again!
Here on my blog you can chill out, Elmo :-)

5:27 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Cocaine Jesus:
Yes, indeed:
During the Renaissance, Florence developed a reputation for being pervaded with homosexuality - "sodomy" in the language of the time. Smarting from this reputation, reeling from population loss suffered during the Black Death, and pressured by homophobic clerics, in 1432 the city government set up a judicial panel called "The Office of the Night" exclusively to solicit and investigate charges of sodomy.

By Michael Rocke's reckoning homosexuality really was pervasive in Florence. In the small city of just 40,000 people, he estimates that 17,000 men were incriminated on charges of "sodomy" during the 70 year existence of the "Office of the Night".

But also I've had my first Italian homosexual experiences in this beautiful town :-)

5:42 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
:-) Yes, I know your tattoo, Will! Well, it's does me honor to be tattooed on your back ... probably we've been already good friends in "Da Vinci's Time" ... what do you think about this idea ? :-)

5:50 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sirreene:
Sure, my Venus, :-)I admit that I've been one of his models :-) ... Will, who was called Giulielmo at that time, Leonardo and me have had sometimes a "threesome" :-) :-) :-) Leonardo called it: a TRIANGLE :-) and we boys loved it and him ...:-) :-) :-) for he was so pretty horny ;-P :-)P :-)!!!

6:02 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Yes, we had a triangle, but you ragazzacci never knew that I was playing around with that Buonarotti-Simoni fellow on the side. He made me immortal by painting my portrait as one of the sibyls on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. After all the times I put out for him, it was the LEAST he could do!

Bravo, Hans--you're fun to play with!

8:13 nachm.  
Blogger Jacky said...


You are part of Leonardo's infamous Da Vinci Code!

Will you be in the movie?

3:06 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
You've been always a rascal! I only remember that you've got one day pubic louses :-) and now I know why! :-) Poor Leonardo had to shave your pubic hairs and all your leg hairs and doing this you shot him a gread load into his pretty face, but he didn't scold you :-) hahaha!

9:03 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
Yes, I am! But in the movie you can't see me personally, for I refused terms :-)

9:08 vorm.  

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