Samstag, Dezember 17, 2005


Boys Just Wanna Have Fun:

An Interview with DJ Chen

by APA A/V Team

DJ Chen is the 24-year-old director of Formula 17, a delightful gay romantic comedy that struck gold in Taiwan's box office last year. APA asks her about her background, her comedic influences, and her experience inadvertantly offending some governments and not really caring.

A young woman director making a romantic comedy about gay boys. A lot of people seem to ask her -- why? But if you're going for light-hearted, innocent entertainment and targeting the female demographic, it makes total sense. Two male leads to stare at, instead of one. Boy-on-boy action gives the illusion of freshness and uniqueness, but you get to follow the frilly formula that we pretend we love to hate, but really, we just hate that we love. As gay males, the characters have intrinsic flair. You get both the adorable, sensitive guy and the magnetic, bad-boy charmer. And while both guys are equally and ridiculously clueless, they can get away with it, because, let's face it, girls adore gay guys and will forgive them for anything. Gay guys epitomize the notion of harmless fun, and they can always be counted on to provide a lift in spirits -- much like the purpose of a romantic comedy. A young woman director making a romantic comedy about gay boys? Sounds like a perfect fit to me.