Freitag, Dezember 02, 2005


The motives for this picture:

The difficulties which I had with my ex wife - already before our divorce - began anew when she got married a second time.

Now she attempted to deliver her hatred for me on the back of our son, Johannes ... but I looked through her bad game very soon. I saw that she attempted to hurt me by hurting him because she knew very well that between Johannes and me existed a deep obligation.

So one day I had to go even to the youth office in order to achieve that the maltreatment with whicht Johannes was misfired by the second man of his mother could be stopped.

Then when Johannes had got his majority at the age of 18 he married his new girlfriend because he longed for a family live which he had not gotten in the house of his mother.

When he was twenty he and his wife got a sweat daughter who was called Carina and finally I was really happy that Johannes began to forget the bad time of his childhood and his youth... But when Carina was three years old, she got Encephalitis, caused by a Herpes Virus so that she is mentally disabled since that time. The only syllable, she is able to pronounce, is: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The last words which little Carina said to her father have been: "Good night, daddy!"

So it happened that we were confronted with one of the absurdities of life.

The fate of Sisyphus had slammed.


Blogger Jacky said...

Oh my Castor, your post is very tragic, and brings tears to my eyes.

I hope your son remains strong and that your granddaughter finds a miracle.

Life is frequenty unjust!

12:09 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Jacky:
I knew that you would understand the story and the picture, my buddy. It was easier for me to express my feelings by painting than by writing about the fateful story.

My son, Johannes, is now one year older than you,he didn't really cope with his fate, my granddaughter Carina is now twenty ... she lives in a convent in charge of nuns ... the right hemisphere of her brain is destroyed forever by the herpes virus, my ex-wive has died 3 or 5 years ago ... and me ? ... life is going on, Jacky!

12:43 vorm.  
Blogger Will said...

ogxglrijHans, the end of your post was just devastating. I raised two daughters by myself and worried every day about something like that happening. I can't think of anything worse to happen to a parent or grandparent. My love to you, Johannes and your daughter-in-law.

7:50 nachm.  
Blogger ElovesU said...

I dont know what to say, just know that I will prey for her.

God works in so many mysterious ways. You have to find inspiration in life and know that everything is done for a reason, dont let anything crush your hope, and know that tomorrow is a better day,

Castor I sincerely care about you and your family, May hope be with you.


10:06 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Will:
Thank you Will for your sympathy! But making the destiny of Johannes perfect : Carina's mother divorced him after she knew that Carina was mentally and physically handicapped forever and left the town where they lived forever too...

4:43 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Elovesu:
Thank you that you will pray for Carina, you have a great soul, Elmo, but in this case no prayer can help, for the left hemisphere is responsible for the language, for the capacity to speak, to express oneself.

Elmo, in the meantime you know me pretty well, so you also know that I have got a goodish disposition for making a new start after a stroke of fate and thank goodness my son has the same positive disposition.
I should like to believe in that supposition that everything is done for a reason but cannot believe that there is any sense that innocent children, hardly born, have to die by war, by a Tsunami or by a terminal illness or that they become cripples forever by bomb attacks, natural disasters or a herpes virus as Carina has got.
That's nothing else than a sort of absurdity of life without any discernible sense ...

In the ancient mythologies these horrible facts were deemed to be a punishment of gods or of god for a visitation for one's sins ... but in any case it doesn't make sense that innocent children have to suffer by God ...

Thank you so much, Elmo, for your good thoughts!


5:42 vorm.  
Blogger ElovesU said...

We live only a short time in this life, and the next one will be better, live with what we have, accomplish all you can in this life so u can have less to do in the next.

Remember that peace will lead you on the path to enlightenment.

God doesnt allways punish, sometimes it is merely a test or a obstacle u must overcome to become a stronger and better person...


8:55 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Elovesu:
Yes, Elmo, I know the law of Karma in the Buddhist teaching ... I should like to believe really in it, because it's so comforting ...


1:47 nachm.  
Blogger Milind said...

I never realise that things like this happen in real life...only reminded of the fact with sad incidents like these...

7:04 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Milind:
Yes, Milind, such things happen more often than one can immagine it, also in that so-called educated society ... in regard to the encephalitis caused by a herpes virus ... this doesn't happen so often, only to one of thousend people it may chance that this virus enters into the brain ...

10:55 nachm.  

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