Sonntag, Dezember 25, 2005


Thoroughly exhausted and depressed the fairy returned to earth and took shelter under a large oak tree. She could no longer hold back her tears which streamed down her cheeks and spilled onto her dress. Soon she knew they would cease to flow for ever.Silently, she gathered her thoughts and gazed at the full moon, shining in it's splendour and saw the first snow flakes falling on her feet. Slowly, she wrapped her frail wings around her body and waited for the sleep to carry her into paradise.

The fluttering odf wings disturbed the silence and opening her eyes she saw an owl perched on the branch of a tree.

'Hello, little one,' said the owl greeting her, 'I've never seen such a pretty face look so said. What is troubling you?'

'I see,'remarked the wise owl with a concerned frown. He pondered for a while, scratching his head, then calmly he sat up and ruffled his feathers.
'I have an idea', added the owl solemnly, 'let us pray.'