Sonntag, Dezember 25, 2005


This is the story of a fairy who went broke with her stur-dust so they recognised that she couldn't return home to Fairyland ...

One evening, as dusk gradually spread it's shadows across the land, a fairy appeard on the horizon. Her pale face was drawn; her fragile wings flopped limply against her slender body, like weather beaten sails against a ship's mast. Her thoughts were troubled, she hardly had enough star-dust left to return home to Fairyland.
Sadly, she took the last star-dust from her pockets and sprinkled it over her tiny body. The magic dust began to work, vivid colours danced happily on her fragile form, brighter than the longest rainbow. The joy to feel, to be, to have, was hers once more. She reached out towards the sky, tiptoeing over the tall, silky grass, then away she flew in search of the stars.
Accidentally a misty form stretched out its puffy arms. It was acloud, welcoming her to rest. She fluttered onto its soft cushion and rested for a while. As she looked down at her tiny feet she noticed the star-dust had almost dissappeared. Should she turn back before it was too late? But what would become of her then? She must go on, come what may.
Suddenly, the faint echo of a cry interrupted her thoughts; anxiously she peeped up out of the cloud, and in the distance she saw a small light, blurred, throbbing alone in the inky sky. Timidly she desended from the cloud and flew towards the light.

It was a small star, but his light was low ...
'Tell me,' said the troubled fairy, catching her breath, 'Why is your light so blurred?'
The star turned and looked up into her searching eyes, trying to disguise his sorrow behind the shrouded mist. The silence broke and the star's story tumbled from his lips.
'Once upon a time I could see the whole universe through the twinkle of my eyes, but now I'm nearly blind. I squandered my star-dust on foolish games, and what saddens me more, I haven't enough star-dust left to shine upon the earth.'
The fairy hung her head in silence and as she looked up again saw a single tear wet the sad star's cheek.
'I need some star-dust too,'she murmured looking down at her tiny feet.
'Well', said the star gravely 'I'm afraid, you've come too late.'
The fairy braced herself against the wind and looked into the starless night.
'It's never too late to find some star-dust,' said the fairy curling her lips into a smile. 'How far is it to the next star?'
'If you keep on the Milky Way you will find the Dog-Stsr - come , I'll show you the way.'

'I'll bring you back some star-dust,'cried the fairy as she watched his last spark of light disappear. 'I won't forget.' she murmured, then she flew into the Milky Way.