Samstag, November 26, 2005


In The Fog

It's strange to wander in the fog!
A lonely bush, a lonely stone,
No tree can see the other one,
And one is all alone.

The world was full of friends back than,
As life was light to me;
But now the fog has come,
And no one can I see.

Truly, no one is wise,
Who does not know the dark
Which inevitably and silently
Does from others him part.

It's strange to wander in the fog!
Life is loneliness
No Man knows the other one,
And one is all alone.

[Hermann Hesse]


Blogger ElovesU said...

Thats how im feeling this week, for i know that even though I have people around me that love me and want to care for me, I cant and dont allways see them.

Im perplexed at why i push people away that love me so, but sometimes just being alone can make me happy.

Besides who doesnt love a warm bubble bath with candles, when no one is home...

May this week bring u some happyness and may you find that there are many who love you castor..

I know i do


10:09 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Elovesu:
Elmo, when I saw the Thursday-Post on your blog Hermann Hesse's poem "In the fog" crossed my mind.
You should know, that Hesse was one of my first "virtual" friends when I was at your age. Although he was still alive at that time I was too timid to write him, but one of my cousins, who was ten years older than me and already a young poet, had an exchange of letters with him ...

About your need of being alone sometimes, I understand you very well ... you should only tell it to people and then those who love you will understand :-)...
I also like a warm bath with candles and soft background music and this evening I'll do it, but first I'll continue the work on my new painting with you, JJ, Domenico and me !

Thank you for your wishes, I wish you the same!


1:51 nachm.  

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