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The young Friedrich Nietzsche at the age of twenty ...

Here is one of his poems I like very much :

Once more ... until to eternity.

O man! Take heed!

What saith deep midnight's voice indeed?

"I slept my sleep-,

"From deepest dream I've woke, and plead:

"The world is deep,

"And deeper than the day could read.

"Deep is its woe-,

"Joy- deeper still than grief can be:

"Woe saith: Hence! Go!

"But joys all want eternity-,

"-Want deep, profound eternity!"

Here is a very informative link to the great philosopher and artist Friedrich Nietzsche :


Blogger Moody Lawless said...

That is one of my favourite pictures of Nietzsche - before he grew the formidable moustache, of course [your version of the picture seems to have disappeared at the moment - also the link you give on the post is not working either].

Nietzsche's philosophical conceptions fascinate me, and many have come into the common language.

Take 'beyond good and evil'; this is used by people coming from many different perspectives [ ah - 'perspectivism', another Nietzschean coinage!].

Nietzsche expressed the concept in many different ways himself;


"For all things are baptised at the font of eternity, and beyond good and evil; good and evil themselves, however, are but fugitive shadows and damp afflictions and passing clouds".
[from 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' III 48]


"What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil".
['Beyond Good & Evil' section 153]


"In order to see our European morality for once as it looks from a distance ... one has to ... prepropose a position *outside* of morality, some point beyond good and evil to which one can rise ...".
['The Gay Science' V 380]

Do you recosnise yourself in there, Castor?

6:58 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

Sure, my Lawless, I recognize myself in there, for Nietzsche was for me a great mentor when I started to educate myself after the puberty. You must know, that Albert Camus, one of my most admired French philosophers and writers after the second worldwar was assassinated when I have been 17 ... and he, like Jean Paul Sartre, Thomas Mann and all the other writers of that time was influenced by Nietzsche ... When did you meet Nietzsche the first time in your life, my Lawless???

11:21 nachm.  
Blogger Moody Lawless said...

That is incredible - I too began with Camus; it was from Camus that I took that terrifying step to Nietzsche!

I so loved Camus!
What a beautiful man and soul!
Was Camus assassinated?

Yes, for me it was Camus, then Nietzsche - all the rest is footnotes!

Please do hommage to Camus, Castor - only you could do his memory justice!

6:21 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Moody Lawless:
Yes, it's really incredible! We have many common interests, my Lawless, I see!

Yes, when Camus have had his car accident we all knew that that was a planned, political murder, which was immediately covered up, for Camus was not only a writer and philosopher but also a very political man and dangerous to that corrupt society which is also today in power.
He gave to the young generation a reality check, and that was his "fault" and we, we loved him...

I'll make a hommage to him as soon as possible ...

7:30 nachm.  

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