Dienstag, Oktober 18, 2005


Salome's final monologue when she has got the head of Iokanaan on a silver shield :

Well, thou hadst seen thy God, Iokanaan, but me, me, thou didst never see. If thou hadst seen me thou hadst loved me.
I saw thee, and I loved thee. Oh, oh I loved thee! I love thee yet, Jokanaan. I love only thee. I am athirst for thy beauty, I am hungry for thy body; and neither wine nor apples can appease my desire. What shall I do now, Iokanaan? Neither the floods nor the great waters can quench my passion. I was a princess, and thou didst scorn me. I was a virgin, and thou didst take my virginity from me. I was chaste, and thou didst fill my veins with fire ... Ah! Ah! Wherefore didst thou not look at me? If thou hadst looked at me thou hadst loved me. Well I know that you wouldst have loved me, and the mystery of Love is greater than the mystery of Death.

Then she kisses the lips of the dead Iokanaan ...

Ah! I have kissed thy mouth, Iokanaan, I have kissed thy mouth. There was a bitter taste on thy lips. Was it the taste of blood ... Nay; but perchance it was the taste of love ...

They say that love hath a bitter taste ... But what matter? What matter? I have kissed thy mouth, Iokanaan, I have kissed thy mouth. ...


Blogger ElovesU said...

Interesting, to kiss the face of death, beautiful words..
Thanks for ur support on my blog.


10:51 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Hans, do you know Strauss's opera to a German translation of the Wilde script? It's like a musical version of a Klimt painting.

4:41 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to elovesu:
As you know personally, Elmo, oftentimes people mistake LUST for LOVE ! :-)

Love and Peace,


5:00 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Will:
Certainly I know Strauss's opera, Will! For the first time I heard it via a radio programme, reading Oscar Wilde's playbook provided with Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations ... it was a great experience, a crucial experience for me!
I'll publish now Beardsley's Salome on my blog, because I think that the young bloggerfriends probably don't know him :-)

5:13 nachm.  

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