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At that time it wasn't yet common practiced to speak about the sexual practices of people of the "upper class" in public as today in the yellow press ... and so the friendship between Lou Salomé, a young Russian lady and the two young German friends Paul Rée and Friedrich Nietzsche remained unmolested ...

Here is a poem which Nietzsche had composed at that time :

Yes ! I know, where I come from!
Unsatiated, like the flame,
I am burning and consuming myself.
Everything I touch tights up bright,
everything that I don't, turns to coal!

I surley am a flame.


Blogger Moody Lawless said...

Was that love triangle bisexual?
While Nietzsche broke with Lou Salome and Paul Ree, his amanuensis, Peter Gast, remained loyal to him up to his death.

There is a book called 'Zarathustra's Secret' by a German author, - Kohler, I think.
He tries to show that Nietzsche was a gay man.
I have just begun the book and pick at it, a page here and there, so I am not ready to comment on its contents yet.

However, does Nietzsche seem to be a gay man to you Castor?

7:04 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

I think that between Paul Rée and Nietzsche there was certainly a latent or a real homoerotic rapport like in the the friendship between Byron and Shelly, ... for we all have a bisexual disposition, that's a constitutional fact ... otherwise we wouldn't have nipples like the "fair sex" :-)and so on...

I don't know the book "Zarathustra's Secret" but today there is a popular trend to demonstrate that almost all of the "famous" people have been gay ... even Adolf Hitler should have been a homosexual man too ...

About Nietzsche's being "gay": I cannot immagine that he would have visited Gay-Clubs or that he would have participate in a "rainbow-parade" but I can immagine that he had made love with his friends in a dithyrambic way, can't you?

10:56 nachm.  

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