Dienstag, Oktober 04, 2005



Blogger Pat said...

Is there any Jewish community there to enjoy this lovely church?

2:37 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Pat:
According to legend, Jews have resided in Tunisia since the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem, in 586 BCE ...It is known that Tunisia was home to the most important center of Jewish life in North Africa during the period of the Roman Empire.
The Ghriba Synagogue is considered a pilgrimage site throughout North Africa. In view of its importance, visitors have donated many gifts to the synagogue, creating a significant collection of ritual objects.
In 1948 the Jewish population in Tunisia was about 105 000. Then a lot of them immigrated to Israel and to France. Now there are still about 1 300 Jewish people living in Tunisia ...

5:08 nachm.  

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