Freitag, September 30, 2005


Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of James Dean. At the age of 15, three years after his fatal accident, I've seen his first important movie "East of Eden" and he became my idol, my brother, my friend, I loved him and in a certain mode I still do it, for he was an important part of my youth.

Here is my photograph, a selfportrait as Jimmy, I've made in a photo automat in 1958 ;-)


Blogger Moody Lawless said...

That was a very beautiful tribute to James Dean.

6:54 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to ML :
Thanks, my Lawless ;-)... and this is another tribute - not by me - to another young rebel who also died very young : ""When all the actions of the duke are recalled, I do not know how to blame him, but rather it appears to me, as I have said, that I ought to offer him for imitation to all those who, by the fortune or the arms of others, are raised to government. Because he, having a lofty spirit and far-reaching aims, could not have regulated his conduct otherwise, and only the shortness of the life of Alexander and his own sickness frustrated his designs."

11:15 nachm.  
Blogger Moody Lawless said...

Ah - Alexander the Great, I presume!

I would be grateful if you could give such a tribute to Alexander on your Blog - I'm sure you will do him eternal justice in word, picture and ... deed.


6:17 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

Probably you have noticed, my Lawless, that there is an unbroken thread in my Diary which take course around the Mediterranean and I can assure you that Alexander will appear on the 'scene'soon, I don't know exactly when, but Bastet the cat was already his 'messenger' ;-)

10:05 nachm.  
Blogger Pat said...

Wonderful picture! I bet he would have been honored.

7:46 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Pat:
Thank you Pat for your compliments!

7:25 nachm.  

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