Montag, September 26, 2005


In the second week of my vacation in Sousse, after my cure with the antibiotics, I felt a little bit better and one evening after dinner I walked a meal off with a stroll through the beautiful park of my hotel and when I returned to the hotel I saw a cuddly young cat sitting on the stairs as if he was waiting for me.
He was so sweet and I started to lure him imitating a cat's mother-call which sounds like "drrr drrr drrr" and he came closer unbushfully and twined around my ankles purring as if he wanted to answer ...

The following evening after dinner I brought some smithereens of fish and chicken, but he prefered "fish-meal" and so I called him GOOBISON ;-)


Blogger sirreene said...

goobison is a great name!

1:47 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

Yes Sirreene, and I think in a few years he will create a new dynasty of cats in Sousse ;-)

9:55 nachm.  

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