Mittwoch, August 24, 2005


Once I had a male cat called Peter ... it's a long time ago ... I loved him a lot.

When night was falling down he left our house for going hunting or better for going on the pull ;-)

Oftentimes he returned after 3 nights and days, a little bit weak and looking peaky. Then he slept for 2 days. Afterwards he usually stayed at home for one night. At that time he was very caressing and cuddly and he liked to schmooze me for he wanted to be fondled ... and I did so.

But the next evening he left the house for a new walk on the wild side.

Many years later I made this painting of him and his charakter which I want to publish for my blogger friend Milind from India who is a very talented writer of Animal Stories and who has also a very authoritarian tomcat called Goobi ... who is Milind's boss.


Blogger Milind said...

Oh my God! (Can I just leave it at that??!!!!)

7:30 nachm.  
Blogger sirreene said...

It's a wonderful painting. And your Peter sounds just like my ex Peter!

10:16 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Milind:
Do you call God for fear or because of ardor?

11:01 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Sirreene:
Thanks! Could it depend on the name? ;-)Or does it depend on the owner ;-) ?

11:06 nachm.  
Blogger Angel said...

You fondled your cat...werid.

Anyway I think the picture is beautiful castor. Just like the rest of your work. May god bless you with his most precious gifts.

Love n Peace,

6:00 vorm.  
Blogger Milind said...

Common dude, Of course I meant that in a ardor (looked it up in the dictionary). Its great and you must have put in a lot of work. I still have to click the perfect picture of myself and Goobi, it'll happen...

And Angel, Fondled is a word which is NOW used in a sexual context, at least in my opinion. One cannot freely use that word just as I "socially" cannot say "Goobi slept with me last night..."

6:34 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to angel:
Thanks, Angel for your compliments, for your good wishes and for your correction of "to fondle a cat ;-)"!

Sure, my tomcat was not a sexy PUSS IN BOOTS to fondle him ;-) ;-) ;-)!!!

I only stroked his black cat skin ;-)!

I hope this is correct now!

7:40 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Milind:
Thank you for your ARDOR :-), Milind, and your compliments! I hope I'll get your perfect photo with your "puss in boots" Goobi just before I'll go on vacation, but don't stress him :-)!!!
I'll be back from Tunisia on the 18th of September!
I think an exchange of ideas between Angel and you could be very interesting for both of you!!

8:16 nachm.  

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