Dienstag, August 30, 2005


Today I've seen an interesting journey map on PAT's blog and I should really like to be a globetrotter like him, but in this life I've only been in almost throughout Europe, making my exhibitions and living there for a while ...

For making some educational journeys as a freelance artist I went to Asia minor and to Tunisia in North Africa ... and this is all!


Blogger Pat said...

LOL! I was only a globetrotter due to youthful mania:) "If I go here I will be happy" was my mantra.

Castor, we have a very nice private room at my hone and the Euro is killing the Dollar- ever consider a cheap trip to Florida? Same for Grace and Virgo!

7:56 vorm.  
Blogger Angel said...

Interesting map... dont quite understand what its for but I can make a guess what it is.

Hope your having a good week.

Love n Peace,

9:14 vorm.  
Blogger Milind said...

Maybe you could come to India. Its beautiful out here, especially Goa...

2:27 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Pat:
Many thanks for your nice invitation!

I should like to make a trip to Florida when I'll go on pension in 2008 ... :-)!

to Angel:
I've seen such a map on Pat's blog.
There you can find that website where you can make your own journey map ... it's only a funny and clear documentation of those places of our planet where you have already been ...
Have you already got my email with something for your sister?????

Love and Peace,

to Milind:
When I'll go on pension I'll have time for making journeys and then I'll visit India which was my dream-land since my boyhood-times.
Then I should like to meet you there and naturally your Goobi too ;-)

Ravi Shankar I've met 29 years ago in Venice in Italy where he had a concert! I love Raga-Music very much!

5:03 nachm.  
Blogger Spencer said...

I need to look into this map thing!

5:40 nachm.  

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