Montag, August 15, 2005


In the Kasbah of Sousse there is today the Archaeological Museum. Here you can see also a part of Hadrian's demolished marble statue by the "vandalism" of the Vandals who came here in 439 ...


Blogger Spencer said...

We have some old pieces like that here in America that are really cool to look at people should get out more and see these before it's to late.

3:43 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

Yes, Spencer, tell them! But, it's a pity, most of the people are too superficial to be delighted with it!
It's a pity for them, but not for me ;-)for example! So I have the opportunity to be almost alone in this beautiful museum in Sousse ... without any stupid tourists ... and so I can also contact the charming guardian-fellows who are mostly very handsome ;-)

6:46 nachm.  
Blogger Grace said...

Thankyou for your comment Castor today, as always I find your thoughts valuable. I too firmly believe alcoholism is genetic. Almost ALL of my family, maternal and paternal have drink problems! I had not realised you had struggled with this issue. I wondered how you managed to overcome it?

9:26 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

During my treatment I 've got the opportunity to have a therapy in dialogue form, twice a week, with a very likeable psychiatrist.
He helped me to come back to that turning point where I have got tipsy the first time. That was great, for I could decide now to say "NO!" and I could laugh about that long wrong way I've gone ...

I hope you will find your personal form to say "NO" ... "NOT with ME"!!! to overcome this chapter of your biography ;-)
Best wishes,

10:41 nachm.  

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