Samstag, Juli 09, 2005

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Blogger Ryan said...

what 2 say but AWESOME!
Thanx so much 4 doing it 4 us I know I luv it and looking forward 2 more!

What a piece of joy from my Uncle across the pond!

4:29 nachm.  
Blogger Mike said...

Castor all your drawings are great.Like Ryan said thanx for doing them.Can't wait to see the next one's.I never knew I had such a talented uncle.

4:49 nachm.  
Blogger Jacky said...

Nice job on the Nasty drawing of the Nascar Nephews!

Perhaps they would like a story about the encounter some day!

3:04 vorm.  
Blogger Jim said...

WOW! Castor, that looks like too much for poor Pan, he'll have a heart attack....oh well what a way to go!

8:57 nachm.  
Blogger nicky said...

your drawing skills leave me absolutly speechless! those sexy boys and u are so lucky to have one another.

7:18 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Ryan & Mike :
:-)It's so great to have found my 2 nephews in this life. Although we are seperated by the great pond we can be together by art and phantasy and that's a lot!

To Jacky :
I'm sure, that could be a hot story if they agree !

To Jim :
Pan is primarily responsible for playing his syrinx ;-)Isn't he?

To Nicky :
Thanks for your compliments! You are right, Nicky, I am happy that they are happy together for I am their lucky uncle!

5:40 nachm.  
Blogger Spencer said...

The Nasty Nascar Nephews I love it sure sounds like a story to me. Jacky's writings and your drawings Castor you would have a ton of American readers just point the way to Jacky's nasty blog!

Great Work indeed!

8:13 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Spencer:
Thank you, Spencer, you are right "The Nasty Nascar Nephews" sounds like a title to one of Jacky's stories! I didn't yet ask Mike and Ryan personally if they liked to be models for a story, for in the moment I am very busy (I'm updating my official website and I want to make some drawings for Jacky's new story and so on!...) But6 ... as I have seen you are a Nascar-Fan too and also a cute guy ... and so my fancy is going on ;-)... let's see ... perhaps in a few week we could start all together a Nascar-Gay story! :-)

9:45 nachm.  
Blogger BobE said...

What wonderful art. I only recently discovered Castor's blog as well as Ryan's and Mike's.

This old man (me) is so entranced with this beauty.

5:49 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

to Bobe :
Welcome on my blog, Bobe, thanks for your compliments and don't forget: Pan is older than you and me ;-) !!!

11:39 nachm.  

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