Mittwoch, Juli 20, 2005

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Blogger Jacky said...

Your stuff can be very intense!

I love this one!

3:08 vorm.  
Blogger Spencer said...

what Jacky said!

7:35 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Jacky & Spencer:
Thank you! At that time, when Carlo has been assassinated, I was in the Provence for celebrating with Blanche and Werner their silver wedding. We have been a happy group of friends there and although their country house in the Provence isn't very distant from Genoa we didn't know anything about the first G8 (under Bush's government) which was proceeded in Genoa, for we all were not really interested in policy at that time.
I turned back to Vienna on the 21st of July from Marseilles and I had to change the plane at the airport of Paris. There I've seen Carlo's photo mapped in every Newspaper and I read the horror story of his death which happened one day before. I was shaken to the core and I couldn't forget his face never more.
This is my personal story to my homage to CARLO GIULIANI who had to die during a demonstration against INJUSTICE AND EXPLOITATION of the so-called New World Order.
His death changed my mind and my life ...

10:00 nachm.  

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