Donnerstag, Juli 07, 2005


Wednesday, 6 July 2005
March Against the G8
Gleneagles Hotel, Gleneagles, Perthshire
"Another World is Possible"

Assemble 12noon at Gleneagles Train Station for a march to the gates of the Gleneagles Hotel on the opening day of the G8 Summit.

The G8 countries have appointed themselves rulers of the world. This group of 8 white men have brought war, occupation, neoliberal corporate globalisation, poverty and environmental devastation.

Let Bush and Blair know- the G8 is not welcome in Scotland.

Join the global movement when it comes to Scotland to oppose the G8. Anti-war groups, trade unions, left parties, students, anti-capitalists, environmentalists and community organisations will march side by side to the gates of Gleneagles Hotel to let the G8 rulers know what we think of them. The march will be followed by a massive rally. Another world is possible.

They are G8, but we are six billion!