Samstag, Juni 25, 2005


JIM is really an excellent model! I think I'll make a new sketch with him, before JACK is coming home ... for JIM will stay here this night ... he is already looking forward to get to know personally JACK ;-)

Perhaps I can make a sketch with JACK and JIM ... we'll see it!


Blogger Malin said...

Wow, thank you for giving me the address to that wonderful website about Oscar Wilde, it is very complete!

I really like your work, by the way, do you make a living from it?

1:49 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

Malin,I did freelance work about 30 years, since 13 years I am working as a masseur in an hospital. Until the last year I worked there as an artistic therapeut too ...

Here is the link of my website which will be updated in English, Italian, and German soon :

Best wishes

6:20 nachm.  

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