Mittwoch, Juni 01, 2005


Some times ago I had the opportunity to read an erotic story about an artist, called METTI and his young Malaysian friend, written by the young Canadian author JACKY FINNIE on his blog ( ) ... I was very enthusiastic about Jacky's erotic style and immediately I felt that he could inspire me for some illustrations and so I asked him about this. He agreed and I decided to make some drawings for him.

As a mark of friendship to him I decided to choose for my erotic work that name which Jacky gave to the protagonist of his Artist-Story, that is : METTY

The leading charakter of Jacky Finnie's erotic stories in general is called JACK, a very sexy guy. Everybody who meets him will find pleasure and enjoyment in his arms.

Today a created a portrait of JACK, that SEXY YOUNG CANADIAN, invented by JACKY FINNIE as a prelude to the following illustrations.