Sonntag, Mai 29, 2005


This sketch I made recently from my handsome nephew Maurizio I'll use as the basis for my next painting which will belong to the series "CONTACTS" ... that means that I'll be with him during the next three months, day and night :-) although we are living in different countries ...

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Samstag, Mai 28, 2005

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Freitag, Mai 27, 2005


Just now I finalized my recent painting "The Model And His Painter" and first of all I want to thank my cute model Nayr for his patience during the work which we started this year in February.

This is the first picture of a new series I will call "Contacts" with the intention to light up human relationships in the the double life of an artist.

Here is also a marvellous poem in prosa by Oscar Wilde which is concerned to this subject:

The Artist

One evening there came into his soul the desire to fashion an image of The Pleasure that abideth for a Moment.
And he went forth into the world to look for bronze. For he could only think in bronze. But all the bronze of the whole world had disappeared, nor anywhere in the whole world was there any bronze to be found, save only the bronze of the image of The Sorrow that endureth for Ever.
Now this image he had himself, and with his own hands, fashioned, and had set it on the tomb of the one thing he had loved in life.
On the tomb of the dead thing he had most loved had he set this image of his own fashioning, that it might serve as a sign of the love of man that dieth not, and a symbol of the sorrow of man that endureth for ever.
And in the whole world there was no other bronze save the bronze of this image. And he took the image he had fashioned, and set it in a great furnace, and gave it to the fire. And out of the bronze of the image of The Sorrow that endureth for Ever he fashioned an image of The Pleasure that abideth for a Moment.

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Watercolor, 100 x 70 cm

Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2005


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Mittwoch, Mai 25, 2005


Yesterday night I returned from my vacation in Trieste ... but with a summer influenza with headache, sore throat and tracheal cough ... since five days I take antibiotics, for suffering from a heavy emphysema any form of cough is dangerous for me because I alwys get problems with the respiration ...

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Sonntag, Mai 15, 2005

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Best wishes to all my friends and readers !

Take care! ;-)


Samstag, Mai 14, 2005


"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind."
( BUDDHA, Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

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Freitag, Mai 13, 2005

Prof. Dr. ALEXANDER MENG and ME in 1994

In 1993 I have got the opportunity to start an Art Therapy Project on the Neurological Ward of the "Krankenhaus Lainz" where I worked already as a masseur for a short time.

The work with the inpatients was very successful and after one year Dr. Meng started a press campaigne for us for getting financial support by pecunious concerns ... and he was right ... we have got a lot of money for paper, brushes and paints.

This press photo beneath shows us before an exhibition of "inpatient-paintings" and made our Art Therapy well known in the whole Austria :-)

Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2005

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Two years after my beginning on the neurological ward Prof. Meng asked me if I was interested to learn the Chinese massage, the so-called TUINA and so he became my teacher...

The training took about two years and it was for free. So I decided to make a special painting for him as a sign of my gratitude. The result was my painting "YIN and YANG".

What do "Yin and Yang" mean?

Yin and Yang are terms of the Chinese philosophy :

The yin and yang represent all the opposite principles one finds in the universe.

Under yang are the principles of maleness, the sun, creation, heat, light, Heaven, dominance, and so on, and under yin are the principles of femaleness, the moon, completion, cold, darkness, material forms, submission, and so on.
Each of these opposites produce the other: Heaven creates the ideas of things under yang, the earth produces their material forms under yin, and vice versa; creation occurs under the principle of yang, the completion of the created thing occurs under yin, and vice versa, and so on.

This production of yin from yang and yang from yin occurs cyclically and constantly, so that no one principle continually dominates the other or determines the other.
All opposites that one experiences—health and sickness, wealth and poverty, power and submission—can be explained in reference to the temporary dominance of one principle over the other. Since no one principle dominates eternally, that means that all conditions are subject to change into their opposites.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander MENG, one of our senior physician is going on pension. Tomorrow a festival will be celebrated for him. So the nursing sister of our ward had the idea to make a sculpture composed of flowerpots for him and so she asked me to paint his portrait on one of the flowerpots ... what I naturally did, hoping he will enjoy it.

Dr. Meng is a wellknown specialist of acupuncture here in Austria. He was one of the first physicians of our ward who accepted me without reservation ... although I was already 49 years old and a so-called "lateral hire" when I started my work on the neurological ward which was my first civil job I ever did ... :-)

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Dienstag, Mai 10, 2005

With the dentist ...

Today my dentist had to pull the 2 medial incisors of my lower jaw ... immediately I've got two artificial teeth ... It's OK but suffering pain :-(

Sonntag, Mai 08, 2005

"THE MODEL AND HIS PAINTER" / the current state of the picture

Leonardo da Vinci said, "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." ... but you need to have the appropriate time too ...

I worked freelance for more than twenty years, but this time has gone ... that means that my real life proceeds from weekend to weekend :-)
... that makes that I feel sometimes like a spring chicken ... particulary in my dreams ... but what would life be without dreaming ?

Tomorrow and the day after I have visit to my dentist ... speeking of feeling young :-(

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A Jewish man calls his mother, “Mom, and how are you."

" Not too good," says the mother. "I've been very weak."

The son says, "Why are you so weak?"

She says, "Because, I haven't eaten in 38 days."

" Mama," the man says, "that's terrible. Why haven't you eaten in 38 days?"

The mother answers, "Because I didn't want my mouth to be filled with food if you should call."


Mama, however, I loved you ...
This night I actually dreamed of you ... but it was a nice dream ... really! ;-)

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Samstag, Mai 07, 2005


These three cute Italian actors are at the same time very sexy male models too ;-)

ALESSANDRO GASSMAN : born in Rome, in 1965

RAOUL BOVA : born in Rome, in 1971

GABRIEL GARKO : born in Torino, in 1974

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Freitag, Mai 06, 2005


James Joyce spent almost 11 years in the cosmopolitan Adriatic city of Trieste between 1904 and 1920.
Although day to day life was hard, it was here that the exiled Irish writer completed "Dubliners", wrote "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" and "Exiles", conceived and began "Ulysses", and gathered much inspiration for "Finnegans Wake".

He forged a number of important literary friendships with local writers and was deeply immersed in the day to day social, cultural, artistic and political life of the city, which he referred to as “la nostra bella Trieste”.
The positive aspects of his Triestine sojourn were aptly summarised by his Paris friend, Louis Gillet:

"He liked to remember his happy days and spoke preferably of Trieste. His thoughts lingered on this topic with delight. There for a few short years he had enjoyed some moments of respite; fate had spared him some time. This pretty, good-natured Austrian city, half-slavic and half-Italian (Edmund Gosse termed this “life in Germany”), with the gaiety of the Midi, the medley of languages, the animation of a harbour, and an already exotic, oriental flavour (as Veronese’s Venice), had given him an extreme pleasure: there were no classical monuments, no Roman mementos (sic) as in Split or Ancona... But there was the rock of Ithaca, and on the sea, the sail of Ulysses."

Donnerstag, Mai 05, 2005

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Dienstag, Mai 03, 2005


Last weekend I could continue my painting and I want resume work on Thursday for it's an official holiday ...

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Sonntag, Mai 01, 2005

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The synagogue, the most impressive Jewish monument in the city, occupies almost the entire block. Inaugurated in 1912, it is a so-called "cathedral synagogue," an opulent monument to the pride, power and prosperity of Triestine Jews at that time. A number of leading international architects submitted designs for the building, but the Jewish community awarded the commission to a local architect, Ruggiero Berlam, and his son Arduino. Drawing heavily on ancient Babylonian and Middle Eastern motifs, the Berlams designed a massive, almost fortresslike structure that seats 1,400 people.

For centuries, Jews were deeply entwined in the social, cultural and commercial fabric of the city.
A small Jewish community existed here in medieval times, and after 1719, when Trieste was declared a free port, Jewish development paralleled the rapid expansion of the city as a whole. In the 19th century, after the Hapsburg rulers lifted restrictions on Jews and eventually granted them full emancipation, Jews became pioneers in the realms of banking, commerce, and insurance that drove the city's spectacular growth. They held prominent political positions, established important firms and founded or were leading figures in insurance companies such as Assicurazioni Generali, RAS and Lloyd Adriatico. Several local Jewish families were even raised to the Hapsburg nobility. Importantly, too, the Trieste Jewish community produced towering cultural figures such as the writer Italo Svevo and poet Umberto Saba -- both of whom today are commemorated with busts in the city's Public gardens.

Svevo, the author of The Conscience of Zeno , studied English with James Joyce, the great Irish writer who made Trieste his home for a number of years. His background reflected the cosmopolitan, shifting identity so typical of Trieste. Svevo's real name was Ettore Schmitz. He was born into a Jewish family in 1861 and worked most of his life as a clerk. His mother was Italian and his father Austrian, and he himself converted to Catholicism. His works, too, reflect a deep interest in emerging fields of psychoanalysis and self-examination.
About 6,000 Jews lived in Trieste on the eve of World War II, and the community suffered bitterly at the hands of the Nazis and Italian fascists. The Germans in fact established the only Nazi extermination camp in Italy at the Risiera, an old rice warehouse in San Sabba, just outside the city, which today serves as a Holocaust museum and memorial.

Today, about 700 Jews live in Trieste, and only hints and traces of the community's former grandeur remain. Still, a walk through the city can provide tantalizing glimpses of a rich and fascinating past...

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There is no shortage of myths and legends surrounding the place: according to ancient texts, it was here that Jason and the Argonauts were said to have landed on their quest for the mythical Golden Fleece; it was also the place where Antenore and Diomedes were said to have disembarked during the battle for Troy.

Next came the Romans. The area was conquered and in 52 B.C. Tergeste became a colony of the Eternal City. Commerce and trading began to increase at an astonishing rate, particularly during the second century A.D. This went hand in hand with rapid architectural development. Many remains from this period are still visible to this day including the Arco di Riccardo, the Teatro Romano, the patrician villas and the Basilica Forense.

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"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."

(Albert Einstein)

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