Donnerstag, April 07, 2005


My playgrounds have been the heaps of ruins in the postwar period.
But I wasn't unhappy for in WINTERTIMES the heaps were covered with snow ... so I could go sledding right infront of my "house"...(
my grandmother's and her neighbours apartments, both were at the first floor, were untroubled by the bomb which destroyed our house as if by a miracle ) ... and during the SUMMEERTIMES the heaps were overgrown with high weeds and bushs like in boondocks and I was "THE LONELY TARZAN".

Children - thank goodness - don't see the whole degree of damage in the same light than adults!


Blogger Jim said...

Castor- you are right. I had no idea Austria was bombed as bad as Germany. What a mess.

7:36 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

Jim, Austria at that time was a part of "Das dritte Reich" and Hitler himself was an Austrian and there have been a lot of Nazis in this country ...

8:55 vorm.  

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