Sonntag, April 24, 2005


There is something mystical in this town for me ... apart from the fact that a part of my family derives from this region, which is an historical bridge between different cultures.
Here I have seen the first time the sea when I've been at the age of fourteen, just in the right moment when I was looking for my seperate identity and I became immediately aware of my Mediterranean temperament long before I came to know that some of my ancestors have been Sephardic too.

My FIRST EXPERIENCE of the SEA is comparable to the FIRST ROMANCE which you never can forget and I was aglow with happiness comparable to an adolescent orgasm ... when we arrived at Molo Audace (a large mole used by the people of Trieste as a promenade) I ran obsessively towards the surge of the sea and the waves were rolling towards me as if they wanted to welcome me with a stormy embrace ...

This year I'll go to my Trieste for Claudio's wedding with Daria and this will be my looked-for spring-vacation too ...


Blogger Jim said...

I bet your going to have a blast and you deserve it!!

8:52 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

Thank you very much, Jim! As you can see in my thoughts I am already there! :-))

9:41 nachm.  

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