Montag, April 04, 2005


In the midst of the photograph you can see our house after the air raid of Graz on the 4th april in 1945 by the US Air Force on the verge of the Second World War.

I don't rembember personally of this time for I was still a baby when this happened.

The photograph was taken by my grandmother's cousin, I called him uncel Tony, who have had the chance to emigrate to the United States in 1938 and who visited us in 1946.


Blogger Jim said...

Oh my, Castor! That entire structure was your families house? Or was it row houses? I'm sorry war touched you so personally.

6:24 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

No, it wasn't our families house, my grandmother had an apartment in this house where I lived with my mother. My father was still in the war ... my mother didn't have got since already 2 years any notice from him ... nobody didn't know if he was still alive or not ... there was no money too ... only my grandmother had a small pension ... my mother went to some farmer-families for sewing ... so she has got some bread and butter, eggs and milk for us by the farmers ... and so on ...
I detest any kind of war!!!

6:41 nachm.  
Blogger Ryan said...

wow im lost for words.

4:33 vorm.  
Blogger Mike said...

I agree with Ryan I really don't know what to say.

9:04 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

To Ryan and Mike:
I wish you with all my heart that you never will be confronted personally with the incident of war!

6:48 nachm.  

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