Montag, April 25, 2005

l'inferno di Dante.Jpg Posted by Hello by William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Blogger Jacky said...

Gooday Castor, I love these types of paintings.

2:03 vorm.  
Blogger Jim said...

Is that supposed to be hell? To think I've already been many times:)

5:02 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

Hell? Looks like a little rough trade to me. Great bodies, too. Bet it's FAR more interesting than Heaven.

4:52 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

to JACKY :
so do I ... apart from this ... (Bourgereau died in 1905 at the age of 8o years) to show at that time an open homosexual scene in public there was the only way for a artist to send the protagonists into the hell!

to JIM :
:-) yes Jim, the English tradition of the Italian expression "INFERNO" is "HELL"

to WILL :
:-) here's a Jewish joke to this subject, Will :-):

Lenin headed directly to the paradise after he died. He thought he had done a lot of good for the oppressed to deserve retirement in the paradise. He knocked on Heaven's door:
"Knock, knock!"
God shouted from his cosmically gigantic and perfectly spherical office:
"Who's there?"
"Vladimir Ilyich Lenin."
"Okay, okay! The last one in be sure to close the door. It's kind of cold in here…"
God studied carefully Lenin's dossier and decided to send him to the most suitable place: the hell.

A short time passed after Lenin's resettlement to Hell. Satan stormed into god's office one day.
"Almighty, pray ear my complaint! The hell is no longer functional. Lenin and his party nationalized the boilers, the furnaces…the whole hell. Sinners and devils spend time in interminable party meetings. In whatever time is left, they all gather in a huge choir. Women are always in front, men in the back rows. Everything must be absolutely politically correct. They rehearse La Internationale and other revolutionary songs, every day and every night. The electricity bill alone, Almighty God, will bankrupt You. Right now, Your Law is not observed: Nobody suffers, nobody is tortured. Pray, Almighty, take Lenin back to Paradise!"

Lenin was sent back to the paradise.

A short time passed after Lenin's transfer to Paradise. Satan stormed into God's office one day.
"God Almighty, pray ear my complaint! The hell is no longer functional. The sinners and devils want Lenin back. The sinners and devils together declared a general strike. They threaten with revolution. Pray, God, deport Lenin to Hell!"

"Listen up, comrade Satan! First of all, god does not exist…"

7:45 nachm.  

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