Sonntag, März 27, 2005


as of today we have daylight saving time ... that means that it is dark again for one week when I leave home in the morning for going to work :-(


Blogger Jim said...

Schade! Dali and Lorca are very interesting! I never knew. I always heard he was a philanderer. Who did Lorca fall in love with after Dali?

3:01 nachm.  
Blogger castor said...

After Dali Lorca fell in love with the sculptor Emilio Aladrén Perojo, but under the fascistic Franco-Regime the homosexuality was naturally a punishable crime and Lorca went to New York and then to Cuba where he stayed until 1930. Then he returned to Spain where he was murdered in 1936 by the fascists ... "On 16th. August, 1936 he was arrested by Falangist soldiers on the orders of the Nationalist Civil Governor, held for two days, tortured, and shot. His homosexuality as well as his left-wing views may have infuriated his captors."

5:20 nachm.  
Blogger Will said...

I always give my design students a play by Lorca to design each year. YERMA sometimes, but almost always BLOOD WEDDING. What I love about Lorca's plays is that you begin in a poetic version of reality and progress backwards into someplace pre-Christian and primal and sacred. Someplace where the soul is liberated. Lorca's plays are a great gift to a designer.

12:00 vorm.  
Blogger castor said...

That's a great idea, Will, to assign your students with Lorca! I should like to know more about your work with your students!!!

1:21 vorm.  

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