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The Corso Umberto is the pedestrian zone of Taormina which runs from the ancient Town Gate to Messina (in the East) to the other Town Gate to Catania (in the West). It is the Promenade of the town with a lot of shops and Sidewalk Cafes and at the same time it is the Cruising Area too which I didn't know before. And so I was very surprised to discover a little shop with books, posters and postcards, exclusively dedicated to Gay-Motives.

I entered into the shop and the proprietress told me that her grandfather, the first possessor of this shop was PANCRAZIO BUCINI, called "THE MOOR" who was the studio assistant of the famous German photographer BARON WILHELM VON GLOEDEN and so I came to know the story of his life and above all that he was the "father" of the so called Gay-Photographs and that all his models have been Taormina-Boys.

During the first World War Wilhelm von Gloeden had to return to Germany but after the Peace Treaty of 1919 he came back to Taormina where he died in 1931.

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BARON WILHELM von GLOEDEN, self-portrait.

Montag, März 28, 2005


Taormina is situated 200 m above sea level and it's one of the most beautiful towns of Sicily and from time immemorial well known in the world of Arts ... but when I came here I didn't know that it will change my life in a deciding manner...

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It isn't so far from Tunisia to Sicily.
I love the Mediterranean culture ... I love Mediterranean people ... I love the Mediterranean nights.

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Sonntag, März 27, 2005

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as of today we have daylight saving time ... that means that it is dark again for one week when I leave home in the morning for going to work :-(

Samstag, März 26, 2005

Easter-Bunny's arrival and the nights will be shorter ...

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DALI's secret GAY LIFE

Salvador Dali was 19 years old when he met the poet Federico Garcia Lorca who was six years older than him. Two years later, they were an inseperable couple ... "By the spring of 1925, Lorca and Dalí were near-constant companions. Each found in the other a reflection of his own beliefs and ambition, and most of all, talent. While there was an element of idolatry to their friendship, of mutual awe, there was, increasingly, signs of love."
At the heart of the friendship is the question of their involvement with one another. Certainly, Dalí was aware of Lorca’s sexual orientation. In his letters to Lorca, Dalí wrote "Federiquito…, I’ve seen you, little beastie that you are, little erotic beastie, with your sex and the little eyes of your body and your hairs and your terror of death and your wish that if you die gentlemen will know about it."
Dalí sent Lorca letters, drawings, collages, photographs, postcards, and even a florid valentine – stamped "My Beloved Darling."

In Lorca’s Ode to Salvador Dalí, his poem hints at a hidden homosexuality "I sing your restless longing for the statue / your fear of the feelings that await you in the street."
In a later stanza he emphasizes: "It isn’t art the light that blinds our eyes. It is first of all love, friendship or the art of fencing."
Love, many art historians believe, is surely what it was.

The friendship between the two artists ended in 1928 when Lorca fell in love to another one.

The next year Dali met GALA who became later his wife. But
: "... Salvador Dali's unconsummated marriage to Gala was one of fear and devotion. The artist loved men, especially his rich patron Edward James and García Lorca, the poet. Gala and Federico García Lorca appear in many of Dali's paintings."

Dali's wife GALA was the model for MARY MAGDALENE on the "CRUCIFIXION" and I guess that FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA was the model for the very erotic Jesus ( or was it the young poet RENÉ CREVEL for the nearly pagan Jesus ?).

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Freitag, März 25, 2005


This version of "Crucifixation" appears more like a dramatically pagan scene than a Christian theme.

From my point of view it is Salvador Dali's cryptic avowal to his own ambisexuality ... Gala (Dali's wife) as Mary Magdalene and an erotic male model (probably one of his friends) as Jesus Christ.

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Donnerstag, März 24, 2005

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Amor was a young Berber with delicately chiseled features, amiable and of good manners. He derived from a poor family. He was intelligent but there was no money for him to defray the costs for a better education.
His future was with no chance.
He knew about it.

When he took leave he told me (and for a moment he seemed to fight back his tears):

"Touts les choses passent! Dans le sable reste pas une trace ..."

("Anything passes off! In the sand doesn't remain any trace ...")

The next day was the date of my depature.
There was a severe storm on the beach, a definite sign that fall was on its way and a lot of the tourists had already left the beach and their hotels.
Just once more I wanted to return to the beach.
The storm had become more vehement than the day before and the Mediterranean had lost his smoothness.

I knew that Amor had left the beach yesterday but however I looked for any traces of his presence. I missed his smile, his glance, his unobtrusive manner of asking me for a cigaret.

Our traces in the sand are blown over by the storm, are flushed away by the sea but there is a place in my heart where Amor's traces will remain forever...

Montag, März 21, 2005

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Being on the brink of burn-out syndromes I took this day off and I try to channel my thoughts to that time and to that place where I met Amor a few years ago. He was one of the paragliding-crew who worked near by my beach-mooring.
Already the first day when I came to the beach he attracted my attention with the smooth movements of his cupreous and slender body, lithesome like a dancer.

The third day was calm and windless and so the paragliding-crew was "out-of-work" and when Amor had a catnap I made some sketches of him. This was the beginning of a short but very enjoyable friendship between us ...

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Samstag, März 19, 2005


The Bitter Waiter Jim writes in his profile :

"Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?
I have three big dogs, so if I somehow forgot and do have a cat it's been eaten by now."

So ROBBY, Jim's next-door tomcat had an excellent idea how to survive in the unsafe neighborhood, as you can see ;-) on his pic.

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Donnerstag, März 17, 2005

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